Pornography – The Wrong Alternative

March 20, 2017

A child went to dentist with his mother and found the waiting room crowded with people. They somehow managed to find just one seat. The mother took the seat and the child was left standing beside her. The room was noisy and the chatter was uncontrolled ,hence forcing them to talk above their usual volume. In his happy go lucky mood, in his loud volume asked his mother, “Mom, what is sex?”

The deluge of conversations around them stopped instantly and all eyes were pinned on the mother with an expectant look. The mother conscious of every word she is uttering said, “Son, sex is male and female”


It’s the moment every urban child dreads when his father walks up to him only to say he found out about the pornographic sites the teenage son was viewing in the history of the browser. The awkwardness of the moment is almost unbearable to the father and the son. The thin red line which is almost indistinguishable, unfortunately, has to be discerned when people are forced into the most precarious and delicate of situations because that one silly remark or this one silly repartee makes all the difference.

Such is the result of the utterance of the blasphemed word- an awkward silence and the same silence leaves people groping in the dark and crashing into the most obvious objects in the most expected of moments. It’s the classical situation which screams that the absence of darkness is not light, that the absence of stupidity is not intelligence and that the absence of ignorance is not knowledge. Its, but, just a zero.

The curiosity of an adolescent coupled with that awkward silence of society has paved way for pornography. Pornography is a paradox. It’s a goddess and a demon or maybe its just a demon in disguise. The contemporary society faces moral crises. a paranoia of confusion, a great divide-does pornography help or hinder??

Every urban teenager lives through this dilemma, searches for a guide but finds none and since he’s living in an age of technology, he tries the tool which as never failed before-the Internet. Pornography is a choice, usually chosen by teenage kids at that point of age. But the problem is that pornography educates but by the wrong standards, illustrates but with the wrong examples and talks but the wrong language.

Sex, in its contemporary sense is considered taboo in almost every society of the world. Its like when a child reaches the stage of an adolescent his parents ask him to avoid members of the other sex. They usually manifest it in their actions- expressly or implicitly. The girl child is forbidden to play with the same boy living two blocks away and it was okay till yesterday

Parents condemn it all along, its easy for them to do it because they don’t understand the peer pressure, because they have lived through that same confusion all their teenage life with no one to turn to but they are fine now, aren’t they? In sociology, it’s held that a man becomes a replica of the society he’s living in the first twenty years. But only later he realises the treachery time plays on them. By the time they are groomed in their “society “, “society” changes, the moment they are off their 20 mark and while they think they are all right with their judgments about society they are all wrong because society is not what they think it is.


Similarly, parents end up thinking since they are okay now even though they have lived through that confusion even their kids will be fine too. But what they fail to realize is that the society then is not the society now. Their generation was groping with the idea of “modern” itself and hell, look at us we are living in the era of post-modernity. They, most of the times don’t realize how fast their kids grow up and have no idea how much of peer pressure one has to face not to be glorified of something but just to be accepted.

The change in society is only becoming faster and the rate is just increasing meaning that a change which would a take a 10 years earlier is only taking a few months now and so according to sociology the generation gap we youngsters are facing right now will be nothing compared to when we ll be in the other side. The generation gap will only widen and will the great divide.

But what if pornography was censored in the country?? I mean, our parents sure didn’t have access to pornography and they are pretty fine now, aren’t they so hell, why even this raging debate, why not just censor it? If the generation next wouldn’t know about it then even the generation next wouldn’t know about it then it would pretty much solve the problem right?


Its like this article I read in Readers Digest once about a young girl and her father playing around the dining table and her father had tied a piece a cloth at the four ends of the table to keep her from getting hurt. If he had a chance, he would have smoothened up all the rough edges she would encounter in life.
But that’s not possible, is it?

By censoring pornography, we would keep kids groping in the dark for reality. While we think we are protecting them, we end doing the exact opposite- handicapping them. Because someday they are going to find out and wouldn’t understand how to deal with it and would eventually blow issues outta proportion. And besides there are other complications to consider- what if the rules change and they actually get to view pornography after they are completely grown up? What if its hacked? The hacker would become like a black market trader and nobody would be able to regulate it because it is illegal.

The only possible solution is creating awareness amongst teenagers so that they can come in grips with reality. Parents and teachers, most important of all, should be well equipped to talk to teenagers explaining to them what is “normal”. Tell them about their hormonal growth and address their emotional crisis so that teenagers could actually look to adults for help and not shy away from them. In most simple and straight forward words- parents and teachers should tell them the truth.

Adult Online Business

March 20, 2017

There are many different businesses flourishing today, some of them succeed and some don’t. But if there’s one type of business that is sure to make a boom at one point in time, it’s an online business. As many people are becoming fully dependent on the internet it’s no surprise how they will also do their purchases online. There are many business strategies online: affiliate marketing, paid surveys and what not. But one of the top business strategies online is owning a website, like an adult website. An adult website, though often banned, still makes a good business as majority of the reasons why people surf the net it to watch pornography. And owning an adult online business is so easy. Here’s how to start:

Fist you must choose the focal point of your adult site, whether it’s a combination of genders, exclusive for gays and lesbians, etc. This will help you start off more easily and know which market you’re trying to cater to.

When you more or less know where you’re getting at create and register a domain name. This is the part of the web address that serves as the main name of your site. Your domain name must be short, catchy and fully related to your site. If it’s meant to refer to an adult website, it should have the terms ‘x’, ‘sex’, ‘adult’, ‘porno’, ‘red light’, or anything like that. After registering your unique domain name, choose a web hosting that will serve up your site. This will make sure your site appears when it’s entered on a web browser.

The most important part of having an adult online business is paying attention to any laws regarding pornography. Since it’s often attached to a bandwidth, you must ask how you can place a disclaimer on your site making sure that it’s strictly for those of at least 18 years of age. Make sure you know a lawyer you can hire just in case you have objections or legal problems while running your site.

Now it’s time to prepare the contents of your site. Since you will most likely be hiring pornography models and actors, ask each of them to prepare their papers and any form of identification stating that they are of legal age. If you plan to let your site accept video uploads from those who offer their home made movies, make an effort to find out about their identities too.

When you have all the needed adult content, build your website, making sure it has the necessary disclaimer. Make the layout of the site easy on the eyes and be sure it will be easy for customers to navigate in, out and around your website. When the pages are ready upload all the photographs and videos.

Sign up an account for credit cards so you can collect money for paid subscription from clients who choose to become paying subscribers to your site. The technique is to give great free samples and exciting teasers that will entice these customers to download full videos and become regulars of your site.

Once your adult online business is ready, it’s time to advertise and heighten your page rank on search engines. Exchange links with other adult sites or sex toy sites and have them advertise your adult site. Other than that continually update your contents with new photos and videos so that clients and search engines will pay attention to your business.

Factors That Affect Life Insurance Coverage

November 2, 2016

Factors That Affect Life Insurance Coverage
Life insurance policy is the best way to overcome from unexpected risk factor in the future and it will protect you financially. Even a slightly lower premium can lead to major savings for the future.

The premium rate on life insurance policy mainly depends on a variety of factors. But for many people insurance concept is difficult to understand and it leads to many misconceptions. To avoid such misconceptions and confusions there are few factors that needs to be considered while opting for the life insurance policy and to determine the premium rates.

Here are the most common factors that affect life insurance coverage in determining the premium rates and risk coverage.

Age of the Policy Holder
It is the number one factor that needs to be considered in the life insurance coverage. If you are younger, then chances are more to pay premium rates for years and rates will be lesser. That’s why it is always recommended to buy insurance policy at young age. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy insurance policy in your college life, it is better to buy when you’re financially stable.

Gender of the Client
Gender is another significant factor need to be considered when evaluating the average life expectancy. In fact on average women are likely to live longer than men so women pay slightly less premium rates for longer years.

Medical Test
This factor is important in the underwriting process. Medical test mainly include height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and other key metrics. So purchase life insurance policy before searching for coverage to ensure competitive rates. Few insurance companies do offer policy without any medical test, but they cost higher premium rates.
Genetic History of the Family
The insurance advisor generally asks about the genetic history of the family and details about the family members those susceptible to genetic disease like diabetes, heart problems, etc. If this is the case then you have to pay the higher premium rates as you carry the genetic diseases.

Profession Plays an Important Role
If your profession is risky or challenging then chances are more to pay the higher premium rates. If your job is considered has a risky profession then you may be denied to get all benefits from your insurance policy. For instance: many insurance companies charge more if your occupation is relatively dangerous such as mining, drivers, steel engineers and many more.

Driving Record
This factor seems to be surprising, but many insurance companies keep track of policy holder driving record during the underwriting process. They will access for the department of motor vehicles records to find out any issues that you’ve run afoul of the traffic rules. So if you maintain clear records in the motor vehicle department then you will be benefitted by more favorable price.
The above mentioned factors will significantly affect on life insurance coverage and insurer should minimize the premium rates by minimizing the risk factors. However, it is always advisable to compare different company policies before buying the life insurance policy.

Pornography Addiction: Symptoms, Effects And Treatment

March 20, 2017

About Scott L Vogal

Scott L. Vogel is the founder of He is also the author of the action guide Recovery from Sex Addiction: 7 Paths to Success.

Scott has been in recovery from sex addiction since his life began spiraling out of control in the early 1980′s, when he realized he was a sex addict and needed help. He had lost his marriage to his sex addiction, but it wasn’t until his addiction led to his arrest that he decided to seek in-patient treatment and get serious about his recovery and sobriety. While spending 26 months incarcerated, Scott began studying recovery from sex addiction and came to the decision he would live the rest of his life as a different person, a person in recovery serving his Higher Power and helping others.

He now dedicates his life’s work to helping others struggling with sex addiction, their families and friends, and to sharing his experiences and insights with those treating addicts.

Scott continues working daily on his own recovery of true self through prayer, meditation, study, and interviewing top recovery experts in the field of sex addiction, as well as experts in the areas of human growth, spirituality and self-actualization.

After struggling with sex addiction from the age of 12, along with bouts of drug addiction, arrests and a 26-month prison sentence, Scott has found what it takes to get into recovery, stay in recovery and help others get sober from sex addiction.

Scott’s mission is to serve individuals struggling with Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Compulsive Masturbation, Phone Sex, Internet Chat Lines and Chat Rooms, Prostitution, Affairs, and other dangerous sexual behaviors resulting from those addictions. His aim is to help them get sober and into recovery so they can lead richer, more full, more successful, and healthy lives.

The Prolification of Pornography

March 20, 2017

The internet nowadays has become one of our foremost sources of information, a tool for business, recreation and communication. Everything you would want to know about almost anything under the sun can be found on the internet. Despite of all the positive ways that we can use the internet, it has also become a tool for certain individuals with not so good intentions. These individuals use the internet to do malicious things.

The internet is a power piece of technology. It allowed us to do things that were not possible before the internet. It allowed businesses to compete on the international market which was difficult and expensive before the internet. The internet also allowed individuals to communicate with families and friends no matter where they are in the world. These are just some of the positive benefits of the internet. In the years that followed after the internet was introduced to the general public, individuals of shady characters discovered how to use the internet for their own malicious purpose. The internet has become a playing ground for criminals. Cyber crimes are being perpetrated in earnest ranging from internet scams to gambling, and to this day the law seems to be unable to put a stop to these problems. One of the most prevalent problems on the internet is pornography. It is safe to say that pornography is the biggest problem on the internet today. A number of years ago pornography and pornographic materials can only be accessed through printed media and videos which were strictly controlled by the law.

Back then minors would have a difficult time trying to access such materials. Things have changed a lot since then. Now pornography has become a booming industry on the internet and with little or no control by the law. Now anybody and everybody have access to pornography through the internet. Age restriction as mandated by law for pornographic materials is not in effect where internet pornography is concerned. This level of access to pornographic materials and videos is a threat to children. Another bad side of this booming business of pornography is that the producers of these videos not only prey on women but young underage girls and children for their videos leaving their victims scarred for the rest of their lives. Internet pornography also propagated the rising numbers of sexual predators on the internet who prey on innocent children on the internet.

Pornography on the internet should be kept in check. The government should be some form of control to keep those who use the internet safe. Child pornography should be closely monitored and the sites closed. All laws pertaining to the adult movie industry should be enforced and new laws passed to curb this problem. It is true that we have our rights, but these rights come with responsibilities too. Age restrictions should be fully enforced by the law and parents should be vigilant when they allow their children to use the internet. The internet should be safe for everybody to use whether you’re an 8 year old kid or a 50 year old man.

Business Insurance For Small Companies

November 2, 2016

Insurance policy is one of the most important parts of a business. Business description details included varies from one insurer to the other. There are plenty of reasons why business insurance services can be beneficial for the company. An online business insurance provider offers a comparison data. Below are stated the reasons why you must consider services from business insurance companies that will compare with other insurance providers in the area and offer real value with the company you choose.

Comparison Data Offered by Business Insurance Service:

When it comes to comparing the different types of insurance, you will need to find a company that does comparison data. They work as an independent insurance broker and help you connect with some of the better deals in market. If you are aiming at the best insurance policy, you need to have a comparative analysis that service providers offer.

Independent Brokers are not Associated with Any Company:
Part of the benefit while you go to an independent broker lies in the fact that they are not attached to any particular company. Individual brokers offer services based on your needs. They won’t force you with any particular company because they are associated with them. A broker can compare the different available companies and point to the right direction on the basis of what is right for your organization.

Business Insurance is a Must for all Companies:

Protecting your assets as well as businesses is vitally essential these days. Getting business insurance is one of the first things that should be in your mind while you are opening a company. Businesses today have realized importance of getting insurance. The insurances can protect people and employees that are working with you.

Online Business Insurance Companies Offer you Help Online:

Business insurance provider with an online website helps you get online quotes. You can sign up free and begin with free consultations online. This is one of the best ways to get started and look for the different insurance options available for you. You need not pay any money to use the insurance broker, they assist you to sign up for insurance as they are paid commission form the insurance companies.

Business insurance is not only about covering the ideas and creativity. It is about covering financial assets and employees, as discussed above that can get toppled by calamities. For example, you would want to have commercial insurance, if you have cars and are using them for making deliveries. You may end up losing a lot of property, if the automobile meets with an accident or incurs any sorts of damages. You can go bankrupt as the creditors and bills start piling up.

There are plenty of variables that you can count for in today’s busy world, however; when it comes to the insurance policies, you need to ensure you have the right coverage for all problems. lottery.gak jason.gas jason.gapany jasenlee.gas pwd.ganology top.ganstruction vampire.gamunity code.gamunity tecom.gavestments academia.gak best.ganstruction src.ganology krynauw.gaol